The color of a newborn baby’s eyes and whether this will change is determined by the amount of melanin found in the eye iris.

This is something that is influenced by the genes your baby inherits!

Melanin is a color substance that is responsible for the color of the skin and hair. You know that sunlight darkens the skin. It’s the same thing that happens with the eye iris.

From the very first moment that the newborn faces the outside world, the light triggers the production of melanin in the iris, which may change the color of the eyes.

A very small amount of light is enough to get your baby blue eyes.

Major color changes occur between the first six and nine months of the infant’s life. By that time, the iris has stored enough color substance and you can safely predict what the final color of your baby’s eyes will be.

However, this doesn’t mean that it will stay like this!
The color of the eye may continue to change until the first three years of its life. It is worth mentioning that for around 10% of people the eyes continue to change color even in their adult lives!

The final color of your baby’s eyes also depends on heredity.

Given that there are still many unclear points about the effect of genes on determining the color of the eyes, it is difficult to make accurate predictions.

If, for example, both yours and your partner’s eyes are brown but one of you has a blue-eyed parent, then there is a slight chance your baby’s eyes become blue.

If one of you has blue eyes and the other parent coffee, then your baby’s eyes are 50-50 chance of becoming blue or brown.

If both of you have blue eyes, then it is very likely that your baby will have blue eyes as well!

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