When you become a parent for the first time in your life, everyone seems to have a tip for you…

“You should feed your baby every 2 hours, no less, no more”

“Do not take the baby outside of the house, it will get sick!”

It is exaggerated, invasive, debilitating and rarely helps…

When my second daughter was born I was prepared. I had prepared all the answers needed for any unnecessary advice they would give me.

Yet nothing happened..!

Everyone smiled, admired my daughter and gave her compliments. No one told me how to hold her, how much should she eat or how should she sleep. Nobody commented on her clothes, on the fact that she was not wearing a hat or the way I transported her.

They let me be a parent!

From the moment you bring your second baby to this world, things change. You used to get advice, now it’s time for you to give advice! You are the specialist now.

For a year now, I belong to the second category of parents, the one who gives advice, and I try as much as I can not to make them feel uncomfortable. So I am just saying what helped me, what not, what I enjoyed and what my baby enjoyed. I also narrate pleasant, unpleasant and funny moments with my baby.

As I was trying to get my 15-month-old daughter to sleep today, I was thinking of a phrase I read recently on the Internet.

“Whatever is good for your soul … that’s what you should do!”

So I thought of my little daughter’s soul for a second. There was no other place in the world beyond my hands that she would like to be at the moment.

Now if that’s not good for her soul, what is it?

I remembered a lady’s advice, “don’t hold her while she’s getting asleep, you will regret it”.
It seemed so funny at that moment… In my first daughter, I was feeling remorse every time she was falling asleep in my hands…

I tried hard to find alternative ways but no one seemed to be effective.

Now, that she is 3.5 years old, she still tries to come and sleep between me and my husband in our bed. Is it because I was getting her to sleep in my arms?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

The only thing I know is that I certainly do not regret it at all!

I do not also regret doing the same thing with my second daughter!

And you know something?

I wish that when she grows up she will come in our bed like her sister!

I have two daughters in this world and I would sacrifice everything for them… If they want to spend a little more time with mommy than the rest of the world thinks is optimal, that’s what will happen.

Whatever my kids and their souls want…

“Whatever is good for your soul … that’s what you should do!”


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