As I unpack baby clothes and toys out of the boxes, since I’m preparing for my next baby, I get a flashback from the time when my first child was a newborn

Shameless flashbacks.

On the basis of what I now know about babies and children, it seems incredible how many rookie mistakes I did as a new mother!
I’m sure, I will make mistakes once more, new mistakes this time, but for sure I won’t be making the following ones:

No more tears when the baby is crying

With my first baby, the combination of hormones and panic has made me constantly cry my guts out along with her.

Her crying triggered a chain reaction, which had me, after a few minutes, both us crying. This was something that didn’t calm her at all.

This time I promise to remember that: “Babies cry!”

No pacifier

When my first daughter spitted out her first pacifier, I assumed that the pacifiers were not for her.

Inside me, I congratulated myself because that way I would avoid future problems like pacifier separation and the possible dental problems I saw that my friends were facing.

My reward?
A baby who would only calm down by sucking my chest.

Until it bled…

This time my child will get a pacifier!

Being too possessive

I had a problem sharing my baby. Having it in my body for nine months, it seemed strange to give it to someone else.

As a result, I wasn’t able to rest at all and I started being a pain in the ass for my friends and family. Now, I know, that the relationship between the mother and the child is something very unique and it remains so regardless of who holds it. I’m ready to share love.

To thing that everything I do is wrong

Being a mother for the first time I was very strict with myself. I could not understand why my baby was screaming in the car, why she could not get into a sleeping schedule and slept only when I was singing lullabies at her. Now I know most mothers are going through the same crazy things.

I will breathe in, breath out and I won’t pay that much attention to details.

Not accepting any help

Before I give birth, my parents offered to pay for a night nurse for two weeks after childbirth, until I recover.

I refused.

Like a baby, I wanted to do it all by myself! It struck me well when my baby refused to sleep for the next 7 months.

This time, I will accept any kind of help offered!

Relying too much on specialists

God, how much money I spent in expert books on sleeping, behavior and nutrition. None of them helped as much as chatting with other moms or trusting myself.

There is something called “maternal instinct”. We all have it, let’s use it!

*Not to misjudge me, books and experts did help a lot!

Panicing with milestones

My daughter was the last baby to manage rolling during the
“Mom and Daughter” lesson.

Three years later, she is a little gymnast, dances a lot and I can barely manage to get her when she is running.

Knowing what I now know, it was a waste of energy to worry about when will she roll, crawl, walk, etc.

Everything in its own time!

Trying to feel every moment

I believed that if I did not try to enjoy every single second with my baby, the moments would disappear forever into oblivion. This made me angry! This thought is particularly stressful for every mom.

It is very normal for you not to enjoy every moment. For example, accidents with diapers, screams and crying can be particularly exhausting. It is normal to complain about it.

I am happy, however, that I took millions of photos. This was something that me, as a rookie mommy, did correctly!

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