In the following text, we list all the essential clothes and items for your newborn baby.

So, bear with me. Here we go:

  • Two or three soft infant towels for bathing your baby
  • Eight to ten small towels for general hygeine purposes
  • Six with eight soft baby blankets
  • Six baby bodies with buttons on the front side
  • Eight to ten cotton undershirts with buttons on the front side
  • One or two jackets
  • Two to three pyjamas
  • Three or four bed-sheets for the baby’s cradle
  • Two to three thin blankets or quilts that can be stretched completely on the mattress
  • Five to six pairs of baby socks
  • At least one hat with a high visor to protect your baby’s head and face from the sun when you go out
  • A Sleeping bag
  • A baby bodysuit for snow is obsolete, If you live in a cold climate

Generally, choose cotton clothes which are soft and easy to wash.

Avoid clothes with cords, as they can tangle up with the hands, fingers or even the throat of your baby.

Buy t-shirts with a big hole for the head to make the dressing process is pleasant and comfortable for you and your baby!

Finally, avoid dressing your baby in clothes that have decorative items such as beads or ribbons, because they pose a choking threat.


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