Babies usually begin to gain weight in about 5-7 days after their birth and return back to their birth weight within 2 weeks. Although most babies follow this pattern, approximately 10% of newborn babies need more time to recover lost weight.

There are many factors that determine how much weight will the newborn take on.
This includes, how fast you can provide your milk and how much hungry will the baby be.
For example, you may notice that the baby eats more when it is 7-10 days old.

How do I know that the baby is getting enough weight?

Most parents do not own a special scale for babies at home, but don’t get stressed out! There is a way to see if your baby is taking on weight as it should be.
Just observe the used diapers!

Diapers with PeePee

For the first 5 days, your baby may only wet a few diapers per day. After those first days, you will understand that the baby is getting enough weight if you get 4-8 wet diapers daily!

Diapers with PooPoo

In the first few days babies do their poopoo once per day. After that, it gets to at least 2 poopooed diapers per day.

You can, especially in the first few days, keep a note with the amount of diapers you have used for your baby, as these are facts that you should also report to your pediatrician!

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