Yes, of course!
It is perfectly fine and you shouldn’t feel bad about it!

You are going through physical and emotional changes and your responsibilities have been increased dramatically.
So, as you can imagine, it isn’t surprising that you feel that way.

Also, the desire to do everything “right” puts a lot of pressure on a new parent. As you become more and more comfortable with tasks such as feeding, changing the diaper and washing your baby, you will probably feel more confident and in control.

Try to find some support!

Talk to another parent, a friend or maybe a family member about how you feel.

Also, find some time for yourself – even something as small as a short walk around the neighborhood or a hot bubble bath – can help you deal with stress.

If you are still so exhausted by the end of the first month, it could be a sign of depression. Have a meeting with your doctor and explain the situation. You may need some help!

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