“I know that you want to help … But you don’t!
The opposite, actually!
Stop giving me advises and telling me what to do – unless, of course I ask for it!
Otherwise, I do not want it, I do not need it and I do not care!”

So, the following won’t help me…

“Enjoy it while it lasts, because times goes by quickly”

“Everything seems to have passed quickly now that is over!
Even the war – if you ask your grandmother she will tell you that it has passed soo quickly! So do not tell me that this period period of time will end quickly, just because you are no longer in it!
Besides, I enjoy it anyway!”

“Just relax”

“I have a baby that asks for my attention 24 hours a day so that she does not cry…
If I relax… I will start crying – and I do not want it!”

“Sleep whenever the baby sleeps!”

“The only time I was able to sleep at the same time my baby was sleeping was during my… pregnancy – and not always!”

“It will become easier as time passes by”

No, it will not!
That’s parenthood, every phase of my child’s life will have its difficulties.

“It is the funniest phase of your child!”

“Oh, really?
There is so much pee and poo on the sofa, on my couch and my carpets, even a non-trained dog wouldn’t make such a big mess!
I sure know it is worth it, but is it fun?
Hell, No!”

“Continue to try until you succeed at breastfeeding!”

“You do not know how much I tried. You don’t have a clue.
Please stop it!”

“Go out more often and only with your husband!”

“Oh really, huh? Will you stay with the baby?”

“Make friends with people who have children of the same age!”

“Where can I do that? Do I order them on Amazon or something?
Why didn’t I make friendships with other parents from the playground or the parties? – maybe because I was running after my baby all the time.”

“Have patience!”

“I have all the patience in the world with my child. If you continue like this I will not have a lot more with you.”

“Do not sleep with the child – you will make it spoiled!”

“That’s why I do not need your advice…
I know what’s good for my child and for sure, giving her as much love as she needs and in any way I need it, will not spoil her!”


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