Travelling with a baby can be really hard and tiring.
Below, you will find a list with 20 tips & tricks that will make your life a little bit easier on a trip with your young little “treasure”.

Try to have enough time to get through the airport

This is not the time to cut it close. You’ll also have more time to change seats, if necessary.

Add the baby to your ticket as soon as possible

Make sure they’ve added a note in your file about your seating request. They’ll say they can’t guarantee anything, but the more notes you have the better your chance of getting help.

Take a look at the airline’s website about what you can check in for free and what not

Every airline is different, but many let you check in strollers and car seats for free.

A few bottles of breastmilk (or formula) should be packed

Particularly for your first few trips, when you aren’t sure how your little one will react, it can be nice to have a back up to breastfeeding. Breastmilk is allowed through security, you just have to declare it.

Extra shirt for yourself

Pack an extra shirt and bra for any case (leaking or spit ups from the baby).

Baby’s birth certificate

Don’t forget it!
Some airlines require it to prove that your infant is under 2, others don’t care. Make a copy and put it in your purse.

Use a baby carrier to get through security

We use a Boba, which we believe is worth its weight in gold. You can wear your baby right through security (unless you have a ring sling with metal rings).
You’ll get to skip the mega x-ray machine, go through the metal detector and then they’ll just swipe your hands to check for explosives.

If you are more than 1 person travelling with the baby, it’s time to devide!

One person is in charge of the baby, the other person is in charge of getting the car seat, carry-ons, etc through the x-ray machine. Meet up on the other side – you’ll be in different lines anyway.

If you are by yourself, ask for help!

TSA agents are not as scary as they look! They will help you get your stuff through the machine while you juggle your baby.

Use a luggage cart to get your car seat through the airport

It’s half the price of a “car seat dolly”

There’s a family bathroom in the airport

You need to change a diaper? It’s much easier doing that in the family bathroom than trying to accomplish it at the common bathrooms.

While boarding: again, if travelling with 2 adults, it’s time to divide

Particularly if you have an infant, send one person ahead to gate check anything (like the car seat), get anything in the overhead compartment, and if you weren’t able to get seats together, start begging passengers to switch. Then the one with the infant can come on as late as possible when other passengers are mostly settled.

The spill-proof travel mug is your friend

Ask the flight attendant to put your drink in a spill proof mug rather than the cup/can they usually give you so you don’t have to worry about spilling!

Nurse during take off and landing to help relieve pressure in baby’s ears

If you don’t want to nurse or take a bottle, a pacifier works, or really any motion that gets their jaw moving.

Choose a seat by the window if you have a younger baby and by the aisle if you have a more energetic infant

With a tiny one, you’ll enjoy the extra privacy. With an energeticone, it’s nice to let them stand in the aisle during the flight. If you are able, get the bulkhead row – the best of both worlds!

Make a separate diaper purse for easy diaper changes on the plane

Some more tips for international travelling:

Sleep when your baby is sleeping

Everyone has their own jet lag theory but trust me on this one — throw your theory out the window and just sleep when your little one is sleeping. Speaking from experience, this is not the time to catch up on movies or make the effort to stay up all day so you’ll sleep all night. Your baby will be up at 2am and you’ll be exhausted if you don’t sleep as much as possible on the plane. Take shifts if necessary!

Hand out earplugs to travellers seated around you

This goodwill gesture won’t cost you much but may help other travellers be more sympathetic if your little one has a rough flight. 


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