Use the vacuum cleaner in the living room and kitchen daily while leaving all the rooms that your family use more frequently for another time, during the weekends, maybe.
A handy solution could be the rechargeable vacuum cleaner, since it does the same job with the vacuum cleaner without having to go from one socket outlet to another.

This way, you will have the house neat and clean within 5 minutes! Ready for even the most unexpected visits.

Tidying up

There are shoes, jackets, bags and a bunch of other things right in the middle of every room?

For sure this is not the image of a clean and tidy house!

Whenever you use something, just put it back where it belongs!

If this becomes a habit of yours, guess what?
You won’t have to tide up anything anymore!

After bathing the towels laundry basket, the right place of the fruit salad bowl is not on the living room table (once you eat the fruit, put it in the sink), the jacket on the coat rack and the shoes to the shoe rack.

Teach this habit to everyone in the family and you will be surprised with the new looks of your home and how much less trouble you will have to deal with!


The washing machine is one of those appliances that a mother uses almost every day. There is no need to wait for the dirty clothes to form huge piles before you wash them.

Separate the clothes and when they gather for a wash, go for it!

Spread the fresh-washed clothes in order to prevent them from wrinkling too much while, at the same time, saving precious time from ironing.

One for the Children!

In order to teach your children to be responsible for their own stuff, it is important to hold them accountable to tidy up all their toys even from pre-school age.

It does not matter how properly they place their toys in the box, nor whether they will put the books back to the library shelf in a proper way. These are issues that can and will improve over time.

The important thing is for them to develop a sense of responsibility and independence.

So, encourage them to tide up their place and reward them every time they do it, no matter how well they do it.

Always remember that this is something new for them.

Nobody was born with the knowledge.But, in the course of our lives, we all learned to do a whole lot of things!

If some of us have achieved more, it’s only because they received more encouragement, stimulation and support to do so.


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