As your child grows, it becomes more and more active. Changing the diaper may sometimes seem like a nightmare since it is nearly impossible to keep it calm and avoid the grumble.

What you can do is to try to keep it busy and happy while you are trying to change the diaper!

Show respect

Naturally, babies and young children do not understand whether the vocabulary we use is appropriate or not. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t feel the tone of our voice. Even if it is an infant, you should explain what happens when you change the diaper. The baby will understand that something different is happening and most likely will remain calm.

Give your baby some choice and the control

Ask if it’s ready to change the diaper. If the baby nods in a negative way, then say that you will give it some more time.

Pleasant Transition

Switch from playing to diaper changing carrying its favorite toy with you. For example, you could say: “Let’s drive your car to the changer! etc.”

Set a Deadline

Set an alarm clock on. Then say that in three minutes, the alarm will ring and it will be time for a diaper change!

Teddy bear wears diapers too!

Pretend that you are changing diaper to your baby’s favorite teddy bear. After that, inform your baby that now it’s his turn!

Dance your way to the Diaper change

Do not hug your baby before changing the diaper. Dance your way to the diaper change in order to make it think something fun is coming up.

Do not Hurry!

If you push your baby in order to change the diaper as fast as you can it will most certainly understand it. This will make it more anxious and will result in constant movements. Change the diaper as if it is something fun and casual without hurry.

Make your Baby laugh!

Laughter reduces anxiety hormones and in the same time increases the hormones that make you bond more with your child. Before you change the diaper, start making funny faces in order to make your baby laugh. The diaper change will then seem like something funny.

Give your own Show!

If the baby grumbles, sing quietly to him and you will see that it will gradually stop and listen to you. Dance, kiss his belly, make grimaces, and as many funny sounds as you can.

Remember that each child is different and any of the above mentioned tips may not prove to be so fruitful. Try them all together and find the one that best suits your child.


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