You just gave birth and you have never felt more tired in your life…

Now, everybody is certainly giving you the following tip: “Sleep whenever the baby sleeps”.

And you wonder:
“Who will wash the dishes? Who will cook? I even need a bath!”

Everyone is eager to give advice, but rarely these tips prove to be helpful. So, that’s why we asked 8 mums to tell us what they are doing!

Have a look at their answers below! We hope that they will help!

Pumping and sleeping!

“We started giving breast milk from the bottle from the second week. I pumped the milk at 21:00 and went straight to bed! So, my husband was able to feed her at 22:30 when she woke up to eat! I slept from 21:00 until 2:00 when it was my turn to feed her.”

The Swing

“We used a swing. I tied it with a rope and lied down on my bed. It was a perfect way to handle the baby’s swing while sleeping!
(It goes without saying that the baby had no access to the rope)”

Midnight Snacks

“The only way I could cope with sleep breaks was snacks! Every time I woke up (I have twins with different sleeping habits) I ate peanut butter, milk, yogurt, cereal bars – anything that could give me energy! With food I felt a lot better those days that nobody could sleep … “

The first night is on me, the second on you etc.

“The only pattern that worked for us was the overnight shifts. I had the Mondays, my husband the Tuesdays and so on. With this plan we both had a whole night of deep good sleep followed by a night of no sleep at all. It worked very well, so well that I plan to follow it again. I expect my second daughter in a couple of months!”

Separate Rooms

“When I felt I was reaching my limits, I went to the other room and left my son with my husband. I had a whole night of uninterrupted sleep that filled me with energy to endure the next days. Whenever I felt overtired I went to the other room. That was the only trick that worked for us.”


“The only way that my husband and me were able to cope with both, our household chores and our daily jobs, were shifts. Usually, my shift started at 22:30 and ended at 2:30 while my husband was getting the difficult one, from 2:30 to 6:00.
At 6.00 I also woke up since I had to get ready for my work as well.”

Going early to Bed

“Go to sleep at the time with your children. I know, it’s hard to sleep while the dishes are waiting dirty in the sink and the living room is messy as hell, but it’s much better to rest and wake up a little earlier to get everything done than to stay awake!”

Sleeping together

“It was particularly hard for us to find our routine, but now that we did I’m not changing it with all the money in the world! At first, the baby was sleeping at the baby room. This meant that every time the baby was crying I had to wake up and go there.
What saved us (us and our sleep)? Sleeping together.
I brought the baby’s crib next to our bed and I removed the rails. The baby was right next to me, but still had it’s own space!
I could breastfeed without even having to get out of my bed!
Indeed, sleeping together saved us and I highly recommend it!”


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