In my twenties, I was quite cool with the organization and cleanliness of my house – I was only responsible for myself you see.

After marrying, getting a pet and giving birth to a child, it was obvious that things would change and become much more difficult.

Me and my husband noticed that when the house was organized and tidy, we were fighting less and we could enjoy much more each moment! We should not forget that adding one more person to the family equals more obligations and different scheduling, just to get through the week.

There are some days with my baby that I cannot even manage to find some free time to wash the clothes, let alone tidy up and clean the house!
Like any other mom, I cancel every plan I had for myself because of all the things that need to be done at home.

Through mistakes, patience and determination I have managed to create a list of 21 habits. If you adopt those habits it will make your life easier, your family life more peaceful and your house much more organised and tidy.

So, let’s see the list:

I make a list of house chores

So far, the only responsible people on the list are my husband and me. When our daughter is old enough she will be on the list too!

Every Sunday I create the weekly list and mail it to myself and to my husband

I am also responsible for any changes. If something that should be done on Monday, for example, is completed on Wednesday, I must reverse some chores to bring the balance back.

We treat untidiness with the same courage as dirt

We try not to allow it!

We are not committed

It is difficult sometimes to reject interesting proposals from, let’s say, friends but if my husband and I already agreed on 3 Saturdays in a row, the 4th will be rejected.

Throwing the Garbage

My husband throws the garbage every afternoon after carefully checking the bathroom, the kitchen and the baby’s changer for anything we might have missed.

Use jars for small things

I use beautiful jars to organize small objects and make them easily accessible. My habit of not throwing anything would be devastating without them!

We have an appointment with dirt

Every Saturday morning we clean the house!
And when I say we clean the house, I really do mean clean it!

We may be overwhelmed by fatigue, but before my daughter wakes up, the house is already clean and tidy.
This allows us to enjoy the weekend even more!

We always give a day off to ourselves

As we said Saturdays are wasted on cleaning so Sundays are committed to relaxing and doing nothing all day long.

Otherwise I would feel like a maid…

I arrange it right away!

If I leave the clothes as they are for one day, the next day the stack will double! Arranging a big stack of dirty clothes is much more tiring than a smaller one!
Investing ten minutes every day on that chore can make a huge difference!

Dress up every morning

As I work from home, my job allows me to walk around the house in my pyjamas all day. But if we’ve arranged something for the afternoon I always dress up in the morning.

This saves me some time and also makes me think about the afternoon event all day, something that fills me with energy and good mood.

Small Apartment – No Space

We live in a relatively small apartment with limited space – especially wardrobe space.
That’s why, twice a year, we change the clothes in the wardrobes with the seasonal ones. Having all your clothes in a closet requires a lot of space – something that doesn’t apply to us!

I always keep backups

I found out – in the difficult way – that by not carefully saving what I have can lead to disaster.
So, I’m sure that neither my files nor my photos will be lost!

We live our daily lives, our routine

Often this routine may change, but when we find it, we do not change it that easily.
At this time, I drink my coffee, I eat breakfast and then I play for two hours with my daughter before I put her to bed. As she sleeps, I clean up only to free up my afternoon to play with her once more.

I take photographs of everything

From my daughter’s clothes that she only wore once last year to restaurant menus and hotel keys. Having visual content of a sweet memory helps me not to feel any remorse when I donate clothes or throw things away.
As I told you before it is so damn hard for me to throw things away!

Clean up!

Once in every season, we organize, store, throw away or donate what we do not need from our closet and our daughter’s wardrobe.

I say yes to help!

When my mother visits us, she insists on cleaning the bathroom or tidying up the house. Μy compulsion tells me not to accept it but I do accept it.
I try to let others help when they really want it.

We accept (or at least, we try to) changes!

As much comfort and peace of mind scheduling can offer, life with a child can be unpredictable.
So if we forget something or we fail to accomplish it, we just move on instead of discussing more about it!

How we face small house damages

If something breaks down and makes a mess, and I don’t have enough to get it fixed, I will superficially clean the surroundings while leaving it to be fixed another time.
For example, if I am anticipating visitors and the kitchen is a mess, I’ll throw away the rubbish and clean up the bench as much as I can for only 10 minutes, no more.

I keep a note on, almost, everything!

At the top of my weekly list, I keep deadlines, parties, appointments and other obligations so I never forget them.
Apart from keeping them in my mind, writing them down helps me to remember them!

If something needs to be done today, I do it today!

I may be tired, I may be exhausted but that’s exactly how I’m going to be tomorrow as well.
So, I just do it!

*Pro Tip
It helps a lot to share the chores with your husband

I drink coffee!

A LOT of coffee!
But I always wash the cup immediately after using it!


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