As bad as it sounds, there are, indeed, some things that we are not able to fully appreciate until we become parents. Actually, there are infinite things the value of which we undervalue until that time!

Below you will find a list of the 10 things I didn’t appreciate at all:

To go to the toilet. On your own…

Peeing by yourself may seem like an inalienable right of everyone – or at least that’s what we think. As soon as you become a parent, you will understand that it doesn’t actually goes like this.

Going alone in the toilet becomes one of the simplest luxuries of life that you miss a lot when you have a “tail” that follows you wherever you go. Even if this a place that even the king goes on his own!

Calm and Quiet

Close your eyes and listen.

If you are not yet a parent, you will hear the amazing, wonderful sound of silence …
The sweet, sweet, silence…
This is something that doesn’t exist in the world of parenthood…
(maybe somewhere, in the middle of the night (but this is still doubtful).

Cooking without Distractions

When I hear people saying how much relaxation and pleasure cooking gives them, I immediately come to the conclusion that these people have no children.

Before I became a mother, I would say the same thing!
Now, cooking goes with having a toddler holding my legs while nursing a newborn baby and, at the same time, trying to stir whatever is boiling in the pot.

This is something, far far away from relaxation!

Taking a Shower!

Oh, the shower!

Another basic, inalienable (I would say a few years ago) right we should enjoy. Say bye bye to this as well!
You won’t be able to take a shower as often as you used to. Luckily enough, there are now dry shampoos!

Going somewhere in the car and having to get out of it

You will have to go to a kiosk, a pharmacy, a supermarket sometime…

This is definitely a time that you will need an assistant (spouse, relative, friend) to get out of the car and go get this job done.
Because getting 2 children out of a car to get a bottle of milk, and then put them back to their seats is SO difficult!
When you have kids, you do not want to waste 20 minutes on something that ordinary just takes 2.


After you become a parent, sleep becomes a dreamless dream.

There is always something you have to do after the children fall into bed.

Even if you fall asleep, the only certain thing is that something will wake you up in the night.

It doesn’t matter. You can always hope for the eternal sleep!

Shop Online

When you are young with o children, online shopping is fun.

With children, it becomes a necessity.
Who dares to go to a supermarket when she can get anything delivered right at her door?

Definitely not me!

Your body before giving birth

After giving birth you will take a look at old pictures of your body and you will feel bad that you didn’t appreciate it. All these photos you thought you were “fat”! You’d wish you were that fat now!

The nights you spent in the house

Staying in is the same thing as going out when you have children.

Who wants to go to a good restaurant with two babies or pay that expensive nanny? Call your friends for a drink at home after the kids fall asleep.

It will save you some money and you will not have to drive!

Your own parents

Before I had my own children I did not really appreciate my parents.

Well, I did appreciate them… but it was, you know, more superficial.
I had never realized what they actually did for me.
Now that I am a mother myself, I know how it is to have children and what you have to cope with.


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